4x8 CNC-router 1325 Wood CNC-machine te koop, beste prijs en topkeuze

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4x8 CNC-router 1325 Wood CNC-machine te koop, beste prijs en topkeuze

4x8 CNC Router 1325 Wood CNC Machine for Sale at best price, this 4x8 CNC Router table is an Entry-level CNC, affordable, durable and powerful, easy to learn & operate, it is a top choice for small business and beginners.

Model ELECNC-1325
Prijs Onderhandeling
Rating 4.0 / 5 op basis van 28 beoordelingen en recensies
X, Y, Z werkgebied 1300*2500*200mm / 4'*8'
Werkspanning 380V / 3PH / 50Hz (optie)
Tabelgrootte Vacuümtafel met 4-zones
Controle systeem DSP A11-besturing
Aandrijfmotoren FL118 Motor en Leadshine 860H
omlijsting Nieuw type Heavy Duty-behuizing
Het smeren Handmatig smeersysteem
Tool sensor Halfautomatische gereedschapssensor


This 4x8 cnc router has cost-efficient kits & popular working size of 1325 (1300×2500 mm, it is big enough and good at most woodworking, such as the cutting & engraving of plywood, MDF, acrylic, plastic, soft metal(copper, aluminum), etc.

This 4x8 wood CNC machine is a best choice for simple woodworking, furniture/cabinet/door making, MDF cutting/engraving, acrylic cutting/engraving, PCB, advertising signs, acrylic letters, wayfinding & signage design, artwork, crafts, aircraft models, etc., and other small business & hobby works.

  • 1. A larger CNC table: 4x8 CNC Router is powerful than mini CNC and takes not too much space, it is a good choice for both usages of personal hobby and commercials, such as woodworking shop or furniture factory;
  • 2. Single control box placed inside the machine, this design saves more working space;
  • 3. CNC kits for 4x8 cnc router table are cost-efficient, it saves a lot and is very economical in terms of maintenance;
  • 4. For mass and heavy duty production, please click to Auto tool wisselaar (ATC) machine with function of automatic shifting tools/bits, saving time and effort;

Note: if not specified, 4'*8' means the same size of 1300 * 2500mm;

What is 4x8 cnc router table price?

4x8 is only a description of router table size, not refers to the controller, the spindle kit and the motors, etc., we need them to get the price.

So if you want to buy a 4x8 CNC, you are suggested to tell us what you want to do with this machine, and things like type and size of workpieces, etc., to let us check if 4x8 is a right choice for you and what other parameters is, and then get the best 4x8 / 1325 CNC Router price.

What is 4x8 CNC Router maintenance advice, is it costly and laborious?

Our CNC machine is very easy to make maintenance at low cost, No need to worry about that.

We will provide CNC Router maintenance advice along with our machinery. Please note that, for CNC table larger than 1212 (1200*1200mm, 4x4ft, 48x48 inches), there is always an CNC oil system for lubrication, it is very important in machine maintenance, on-time maintenance will make your CNC work better and make more profits longer.

There is also an article about lubrication system, daily user tips, and maintenance advice, please refer to: CNC Router Maintenance Checklist & CNC Lubrication System Tips at this link: https://www.elephant-cnc.com/blog/maintenance-lubrication-systems/

What makes it the best 4x8 cnc router table for beginner?

The best table size takes less space but meets the needs for most workpieces, affordable machine price, shipping-cost, maintenance fee, easy operation, and the learning-time cost is not high, these all make this wood CNC machine to be the best 4x8 CNC router table, especially for beginners and hobbyist.

4x8 vs 1325 CNC Router

4x8 CNC Router table means a CNC machine with 4'x8' cnc router table, 4x8ft equals 48x96 inches, a little smaller than 1300*2500mm, so we always take 1325 & 4x8 cnc router same.

Blue Elephant CNC is een professionele leverancier en fabrikant van houtcnc-machines, we bieden altijd de beste machine en service.

If you are interested in this machine, please chat with us or leave a message, we will respond as soon as possible.

Details en afbeeldingen

X, Y, Z Werkgebied 1300 * 2500 * 200 mm / 4x8 pootjes tafel
Kleur Wit en blauw (kan worden aangepast)
Werken Voltage 380V / 3PH / 50Hz (optie)
tafel Vacuümtafel met 4-zones
Controle systeem DSP A11-besturing
spil HQD 4.5kw luchtkoelspindel
Spindelsnelheid 0-24000RPM
inverter 5.5 KW Fuling-omvormer
aandrijfmotoren FL118 Motor en Leadshine 860H
omlijsting Nieuw type Heavy Duty-behuizing
Het smeren Handmatig smeersysteem
Gantry structuur Steel Gantry
Keuze Automatische oliemistkoeling
X, Y-structuur ABBA / PMI 20 # Geleiderails
Z-structuur TBI-kogelomloopspindelschroeftransmissie
Tool Sensor Halfautomatische gereedschapssensor
Limited Switch Japan Omron Limited Switch
Draad Hoog zacht schild met koperdraad om te beschermen tegen statische elektriciteit
PS: alle werkgebieden en specificaties kunnen worden aangepast aan uw wensen.
  • 1325 Hout CNC-machine 4x8 CNC-router
  • 1325 Hout CNC-machine 4x8 (2)
  • 1325 Hout CNC-machine 4x8 (4)
  • 4x8 hout CNC-machine
  • 1325 Hout CNC-machine 4x8 (2)
  • 1325 Hout CNC-machine 4x8 cnc-set van schakelkast
  • 1325 Hout CNC-machine 4x8 cnc-set van schakelkast
  • 1325 Hout CNC-machine 4x8 cnc-railkit
  • 1325 Houten CNC-machine 4x8 cnc-set tafel
  • 1325 CNC Router 4x8 cnc kit of oil system, very important in cnc router maintenance
  • 1325 CNC-router 4x8 cnc-kabelset


Als professionele CNC-machinefabrikant heeft Blue Elephant een complete productiebasis, inclusief professionele verwerkingsworkshop, laswerkplaats, montagewerkplaats ...

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